Please check my rates before to make bookings!
I am certified massage therapist, and I would indulge you with professional massage, it’s wonderful way to de-stress you after long day at the office. I always use finest aroma therapy oils. I understand the pressure and stress you are going through, and I am here to take care of you.
By the time our encounter will be over, you will fill re-energized, happy and refreshed!
…Gifts are never expected and certainly not required. However, I do remember having clients who have been insisted on bringing a gift to our meeting. Below are a few ideas of my preferences:
Spa voucher is always wonderful gift! You are welcome to come along with me, if you wish.
My perfumes preferences: Chanel Mademoiselle, Hermes. Therefore, most important, for me if we fill relaxed and happy in each other company.
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mail: [email protected]
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